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Antelope. Makes (3,4)-jump.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2020-05-11 UTCPoor ★

The texts still says: The antelope is a (3,4)-jumper, i.e., it moves (with or without taking) four squares horizontally and five vertically, or five squares horizontally and four vertically.

It should be corrected as:

The antelope is a (3,4)-jumper, i.e., it moves (with or without taking) four squares horizontally and three vertically, or three squares horizontally and four vertically.

Btw, what is the name of the (2,4) jumper?

KelvinFox wrote on 2020-02-18 UTC

The page still contains the error that this piece moves 4,5

George Duke wrote on 2009-06-19 UTC
Gilman points out in practically word-for-word report from comment here to text at M&B3: The Antelope's leap length of 5 is the Knight's SOLL. Let's see. Knight is 1,2 and SOLL is 5. Antelope, a piece from mid-20th century, leaps 3,4. Its path direct is 5, with SOLL, to find its dual, 25. Anyway, 5=5. More interesting is the dual that we already just found to be Namel. Remember 7,1? So when making a CV, suppose on a board with widening Morley rows (look that up in the Index--Morley calls them corridors) on all four sides, so that you would want broad-ranging leapers, interesting and threatening in being able to triangulate, make compound of Antelope and Namel, called Anu. The same as at AOF1, but here we are talking about prospective 8x8 with 4 six-wide contributions across and outside b-g and 2-7, total 64+24 squares, 88. The 1,7 component of Anu is logical on the 88 squares, for from the 6-wide back rank, Anu cannot quite reach the opposite Pawn row. As reasonable a board as AOF1's much revised 11x10x3 settled on.

David Moulton wrote on 2006-07-23 UTC
There is a mistake in the written description of the
antelope's move--'four' and 'five' should be replaced
by 'three' and 'four', respectively, twice.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-11-23 UTC
The Antelope's leap length is the square of the Knight's, and it is no coincidence. For any a:b leaper with leap length root(a²+b²), the b²-a²:2ab has leap length a²+b². Cf 6:8, 5:12, and 8:15 for the squares of the Camel, Zebra, and Giraffe.

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