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Man and Beast 10: The Hybrid Diagonal. Systematic naming of straight coprime hex-prism-specific radial pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jerdle wrote on 2023-03-10 UTC

Following the MAB 14 definition of a Foal as the next member of the Viceroy-Rumbaba sequence (that is, (0111), (1111)), the (2111) is a Foal rather than a Sennight. There is no Sennight on a tesseract board, the closest equivalent being a Sexton.

Bn Em wrote on 2023-01-13 UTC

This is very true, though a bit out of scope for M&B; while 3D boards seemingly fascinated him, Gilman apparently had no interest whatsoëver in 4D games as they are too far removed from human experience

Fwiw it's not only the Rumbaba (and ofc the Dicorn, Rumchick, extra Generals, ⁊c) that turns up on a Tesseract‐cell board: some of the (in 2‐ and 3D) hex‐specific leapers like the (1,1,1,2) Sennight (or perhaps it's a Foal? here with 64 directions) do too, though I think the likes of the (1,1,2,2) leaper might've needed a new name

Jerdle wrote on 2023-01-13 UTC

Outside of hex, this diagonal also appears in a 4D tesseract board, in the same way that the 3D ND appears in 2D hex boards. Specifically, the (1,1,1,1) move is a Rumbaba move. The numbers of directions differ though, with WORLD having 80 directions rather than a mere 38.

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