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Space Chess. Three dimensional commercial chess variant. (3x(8x8), Cells: 192) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jack E. wrote on 2004-03-13 UTC
To answer Steve's question:
The piece, or pawn, making the capture and the one being captured must be
on the same level at the start of the capturing move.  You may not change
from one level to another and capture a piece, or pawn, on the new level
as part of the same move.  However, after capturing a piece which
a Star square (or a King symbol square, if you are moving your King) on
the Original Level, you have the option of remaining on the Original
Level, transferring one Level, or transferring two Levels.  The same
options are open to you when you make a capture with a piece, or pawn,
being moved for the first time.
Don't forget the transfer squares available to the King, including those
under the Special King Option.  If by moving to a Star square or King
symbol square the King can escape to a Level where he would not be under
attack (even though the 'Star' or King symbol square on the Original
Level was under attack), a Checkmate can be avoided.
The checkmated King and every piece, or pawn, essential to the Checkmate
must be on the same Level at the conclusion of the mating move, with no
possibility for the King to excape by changing Levels.
Snce the basic rules for chess apply to Space Chess, pawns do promote
they reach the 'enemy' Level (white must reach 'Level A', top Level,
row 8 and black must reach 'Level C', bottom Level, row 1).