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Ultra Chess. On 10 by 10 board with two queens, and major pieces have an additional king's move. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
an easterner wrote on Sun, Sep 28, 2003 08:54 PM UTC:
To be frank, I think this variant is good in terms of gameplay (although
the fact that all the pieces can do the 'king move' may make the
gameplay a bit too uniform when the position is closed and many pieces
adjacent to each other), but I don't like the idea of having the
'Consort' piece on the board. If you really wanted to import the
idea' of warfare into the game, you should have renamed the 'Consort'
piece as the 'Guard' or 'Advisor' as in Xiangqi. Having a 'Consort'
on a battlefield to act as a bodyguard is very strange according to the
eastern perspective. Maybe it is just me, but the idea of having the
King's female partner to protect him at close range on a battlefield
does not seem right. Ok, maybe this is an eastern view (or even just my
personal view), but having a female partner to act as a bodyguard just
seems too dishonourable for my taste. If I were the king, I would
be ashamed into resignation on the first move of the game. At least in
International Chess the Queen's primary purpose is not to protect the
King but to attack the opponent and checkmate the other King.
Sorry if the comment seems somewhat irrelevant.