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Michel Gutierrez wrote on 2016-04-22 UTC
<p>Forget about <code>Model.Game.cbRoyalLongRangeGraph</code>, that's really not want you want to do. These <code>cb...RangeGraph</code> functions generate a static graph for a single piece on an empty board.</p> <p>The unusual move here is having the King (yeah, the Queen-dressed one) moving long range, but unable to pass through a check position.</p> <p>You should:</p> <ul> <li>define an empty graph for the king, so it does not make core-generated moves</li> <li>overwrite the <code>Board.GenerateMoves</code> function to <ol> <li>call the original <code>Board.GenerateMoves</code> to generate all (but King's) legacy moves</li> <li>add the King's moves manually</li> </ol> </li></ul> <p>To overwrite <code>Board.GenerateMoves</code>:</p> <p></p><pre>var SuperModelBoardGenerateMoves=Model.Board.GenerateMoves; Model.Board.GenerateMoves = function(aGame) { SuperModelBoardGenerateMoves.apply(this,arguments); // add extra moves with this.mMoves.push(...) } </pre><p></p> <p>To generate manually the king's moves, look at <code>base-model.js</code> function <code>Board.GeneratePseudoLegalMoves</code>, lines 798-850. This shows how to walk through the graph for long range movements, following <em>directions</em> (called <code>lines</code> here). This is where you can verify that each single position crossed is not in check (by calling <code>Board.cbGetAttackers</code>). If it is, just break out the loop to stop considering the line.</p> <p>Have a look at the Metamachy model file. The special castle implementation is not that far from what you want to achieve here.</p>