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Cyclohex. 3-player round hex variant. (24x5, Cells: 120) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Sun, Feb 13, 2011 09:39 PM UTC:
Up for a year, Cyclohex was never commented until now. Probably half of 'Gilmans' are uncommented and all worth looking at, therefore this gradual survey.  Crooked Board was uncommented all its 5 years until couple days ago, and already in a re-write Crooked Board is the only cv game posted this week. Crouching Stepper Hidden Rider also got its first comment yesterday in this survey, never noticed 5 years, and C.S.H.R. ought to be played somewhere, it looks so good a concept.   ////    In case a sentence about Pawns is misunderstood, the rules of Cyclohex say Pawn promotes on the 7th step.  One double move could mean promotion in six moves.  That creates interesting interaction of 5 pawns  against 5 pawns. Any five pawns will never be able to pass, sit adjacent, or capture any of the other 20 Pawns.  Interesting, since there has never been another case like that, sort of isolating the Pawns into three clusters.  Cyclohex is also worth this extra attention because good three-player chesses are rare. There may be only about 10 three-player cvs of note so far.
////  Gilman's math can be intimidating in duals and root-leapers, but the math can be made understandable.  Chess variants are not a new field any more, and there are levels of appreciation.  Novices ought to start with Grand Chess or Pocket Knight and work up.