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Ringworld Chess. Themed hex variant differentiating opposite directions along orthogonals. (Cells: 198) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
another contributor wrote on Mon, Jun 4, 2007 02:46 AM UTC:
Hello, Charles. I must admit I like this game much better than AltOrth. I think this has a much better range of pieces, and they can all interact. Dropping the pawns because the grain is wrong for them is also a good idea. Your shortrange pieces, on this large board, fill that role nicely, and with some variety. Couple them with the hole in the center, and you've caused a major shift in strategy. I might like a few more pieces, but I don't find this game piece-hungry, as I feel AltOrth is. All-in-all, this might play very nicely. Have you considered the 2-player variant, using the same pieces per player?
Put up a preset and I'll play a game of this with you, or at least the 2-player version. I give this a qualified thumbs up. [It did take me 3 weeks to get through the rules well enough to make this comment.] 
You have 1 typo that I noticed. In the very beginning of the 'Pieces' section, you give the abbreviation of Cannon as 'Rk', instead of 'Cn'.