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Tezhi Luzhanqi - Chinese army chess. Chinese strategic game.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-09-30 UTC
I just bought a Tezhi Luzhanqi Chinese Army Chess game from ebay for a relatively low price... there were 2 left if anyone is interested. I know of no on-line version of this. This game has much in common with Stratego (which I like very much). Because pieces have hidden values and a myriad of different setups, what is simple in face-to-face game playing becomes much more complicated on-line. It can be done... but has it? Note that Stratego on-line would destroy the 'memory' aspect of the game because hidden values, after being identified, are again hidden (this is a bigger factor in referee versions of Chinese Army Game were you would only know that a piece in battle was of greater value than yours - the referee informs you of the result, a bit like Kregspiel (sp?)... but on-line players can write down a revealed piece (for Stratego) and keep track of it... and make notes for Chinese Army, such as 'Piece __ is > X' thus the important memory element of these games would be lost when played on-line. Sort of like playing the memory tile game while taking notes.