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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-10-11 UTC

I realized the role that $width and $height play in centering the borders for highlighting spaces, and with that in mind, I simplified the code in draw_grid_png.php and made adjustments to the $width and $height of Shogi pieces and to the values of $offx and $offy in image_dimensions.php. By using proper values for $width and $height, the code will always apply CSS for margins and padding to the space class rather than to each element of the space class.

I didn't immediately recognize the importance of $width and $height, because I created these variables years before I ever added the ability to display legal moves by highlighting spaces. These variables describe the width and height of spaces, and they are used when automatically generating a board to know what dimensions to give to spaces. But sometimes an image of a board is used instead, and when it is used, $width and $height should match the size of the spaces on the image.

This is what I was neglecting to do. The highlighting in Shogi was a bit off, because the value of $height did not match the height of the spaces on the images of Shogi boards.

Since Shogi divides each space by lines, there are two choices on how to specify the dimensions of a space. One is to use the inner space between the lines, and the other is to extend the size to include the lines. I tried both and chose the latter for Shogi.

For automatically-generated boards, the centering of borders for highlighting should now be done automatically. But for boards provided as pre-drawn images, it's important to match them up with the correct values for $width and $height. One way would be to size the board with spaces the same size as the dimensions given for the piece sets to be used with it. Abstract and Alfaerie sets both normally use 50x50 spaces. Another way would be to provide correct values for your board. I could add these to the image_dimensions.php script for specific boards.

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