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The Chess Variant Pages

Goliath Chess

This variant has been created in 1994 by Gianluca Vecchi, member of AISE. It is a little variation on the theme of Rifle Chess. In the following rules, the word "Unit" refers to both pieces and pawns.


Immediately after making a capture, an unit may make a second capture by shooting along an unobstructed capturing line (e.g. a queen which makes an orthodox capture on the square d3 may shoot at any enemy unit standing a queen's move from d3, with no intervening units between the queen and the enemy unit). The knight on b2 may shoot at an enemy on c4 even if the intervening squares are occupied). Shooting is optional.

Shooting at the king is forbidden.

Moving into self-check, as well as leaving the king in check, is forbidden even if a following shoot removes the check. A check must always be parried with the orthodox part of the move.

If a pawn promotes capturing, it shoots with the power of the piece to which it is promoted.

All the other rules of chess apply.

Here are the scores of some postal games:

Game 1

1. d4 e6
2. Nf3 Qf6
3. Nbd2 Nc6
4. Nb3 Qg6
5. Qd3 Q:g2:f1
6. Q:h7:h8 Q:h1+:f3
7. resigns.

Game 2

1. e4 e5
2. Qh5 Nf6
3. Q:e5+:f6 Be7
4. Q:g7:h8 h5
5. d4 Bb4+
6. Kd1 Qh4
7. Qh8+ resigns.

Written by Alessandro Castelli (email removed contact us for address)
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