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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jason Shields.

Nuclear Chess

The Tactical Nightmare

In 1995 I Invented a chess variant called Nuclear Chess, or Dead Square. Recently this variant has become very popular, and is played in coffee houses and street chess throughout the Pacific NorthWest, especialy Portland Oregon. A brief synopsis follows, for deeper investigation visit:
The Dead Square Homepage.

  1. Every piece is nuclear.
  2. When a capture is made, both pieces die. Both pieces are left on that same square, indicating that this is a Dead Square. All pieces on adjacent squares are removed from play.
  3. Any threatened piece Adjacent to the King, constitutes check.
  4. There is No en passant.
  5. The King cannot capture (he would die in the blast).
  6. No piece can move on or through a Dead Square.
  7. The Knight may jump Dead Squares.
  8. All other chess rules apply to Nuclear Chess.

Check out The Brotherhood, dedicated to Nuclear Chess and Mind Expansion.
The Official Nuclear Chess Game Page:

The game of Nuclear Chess has become quite popular in Portland Oregon, where I live, and from what I've heard, in Japan also. I am trying to get this game recognized as it is challenging and fun. Since it is relatively new, there is much to be explored in this variation.

Game play tends to be highly aggressive, and it is a great way to improve ones Tactical Prowess. Have fun, and enjoy.

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions regarding the game.jeshields_(email removed contact us for address)

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