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The Chess Variant Pages

Threatened Pawn Chess

By Sydney Schultz 

(Game description by Paul DeWitte. - Ed.)



This game was invented by a student at Notre Dame School in Kitchener, Ontario, for use by members of the school's chess club. (Paul DeWitte is the moderator of this club. - Ed.)

In Threatened Pawn Chess, each pawn begins the game as an attacked piece.  Also, most major pieces begin the game in much more open positions than they do in regular chess.


The game uses the standard 8X8, 64-cell board.


The rooks, knights, bishops, king and queen for each side begin in their normal opening positions.  The white pawns begin at a5, b3, c5, d3, e5, f3, g5, and h3.  The black pawns open the game at the a4, b6, c4, d6, e4, f6, g4, and h6 positions.


Threatened Pawn Chess uses the same pieces, possessing the same moves, as regular chess.


The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king in the manner of regular chess.  

Initial double moves for pawns are not permitted in this variant.  En passant captures are also illegal.  Pawns promote.

Castling is permitted.


Standard chess equipment is used.