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This page is written by the game's inventor, Dominique Leste.

Archbishop Chess

By Dominique Leste


A 10x8 board is used.


(Picture of the starting position made using SMIRF program.)

Rook, Knight, Bishop, Archbishop, Queen, King, Archbishop, Bishop, Rook


Archbishops can move either as a Bishop or a Knight.

Pawns promote to Queen, Archbishop, Rook, Bishop or Knight.


When castling 0-0, the King ends on I1. When castling 0-0-0, the King ends on C1.

Follows the rules of standard chess, except as otherwise noted.


Variation of the Janus Chess variation but with a different starting position for some pieces. 

Similar to the Bird's Chess position but replacing the Chancellor with another Archbishop.

Archbishop Chess is a hybrid between the Janus and Bird positions on a 10x8 board. Unlike the Janus setup, the b and i pawns are protected, making it harder for quick mates. 

It is similar to the Bird starting position, but with a change in armory with an Archbishop being placed with the Queen rather then a Chancellor. The Chancellor didn't protect the C pawn; my variation does. 

It also has a symmetrical starting position as standard Chess does.  

Tactical players will enjoy this variation. Try it out!

Rookless Chess 10x8

Variant of Archbishop Chess where the Rooks are replaced with the powerful Chancellors.

Starting position is:

Follows the rules of Chess with the exception of the castling rule, where the King can castle with or without the chancellor.

0-0 King on I1
0-0-0 King on C1