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Pool Chess

By Francisco Quintanilla



This game is similar to Billiards Chess, except that it uses an 8 x 12 board and Pawns that move up to three squares on their initial move, similar to Omega Chess.


An 8 x 12 board is used. The setup is standard otherwise.


The standard pieces are used, with the following exceptions.

Pawn: the Pawn's initial move may be one, two, or three squares. En-Passant captures may be made at the 2nd or 3rd squares as in Omega Chess.

Bishop: Upon reaching an edge, the Bishop may reflect 90 degrees and keep moving.

Queen: Upon reaching an edge, the Queen may reflect 90 degrees and keep moving.


The standard rules of Chess apply, except for large board and the special moves for the Pawn, Bishop and Queen described above.

Playing Tips

Initial moves are critical especially where they open diagonals for the Bishops and Queens. Tactics predominate due to the power of the reflecting moves.

Computer Play

If you have Zillions of Games installed on your computer, you can play this game. Download file:

You can also play this game by email, using the web-based Play by Mail system on this site. Start here.


Thanks to Peter Aronson for helping with the Zillions implementation of the reflecting move for the Bishop and Queen and other suggestions. 

Graphics made using Zillions of Games.