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This page is written by the game's inventor, Adam Norberg.


By Adam Norberg

Are you adaptable?


  1. Make a list of numbers from two to twelve.
  2. Go to and open up the page "Games Played With Regular Pieces".
  3. White and Black, in turn, choose one game, and add it to the list. White goes top down, black goes bottom up.
  4. When the players meet at 7, write "Regular Chess" in the 7 slot.
  5. Set up chess as usual.
  6. Before each player's turn, roll a pair of dice. If it comes up double 5 or double 6, then the game just went insane! Roll again, and look to the list for the total. Whatever rules are under that total are now used. Immediately.

Sounds simple, but it's not!

Written by Adam Norberg. HTML Conversion by Peter Aronson.
WWW page created: August 24th, 2001.