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The Chess Variant Pages

Photo's of Exchess Set

Below, you see photo's of a Set 1 of Exchess. Exchess is a form of chess, where one changes some of the standard pieces of chess to other pieces, like the T-pawn, or herald; pieces that move different from normal pieces. One has choice of several pieces, and hence, games will usually start differently, thus undoing the need of knowing much opening theory.

The set is available commercially (see the website of Superchess) for the price of 39.95 Euro's plus postage costs.

Below, some photo's of the set. The pieces are designed to be used in combination with a normal Staunton chess set. Indeed, I found the design superb and very elegant. A set like this fits well in any collection of chess variants.

Select a photo to enlarge it.

Exchess box with pieces Exchess Exchess Exchess Exchess Exchess: T-pawns Exchess Exchess: the set of pieces

I hope to make better photo's in the near future.

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