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The Chess Variant Pages

The rules of chess

Drawing and resigning

Resign and draw proposals

A player can resign the game, which means that he has lost and his opponent has won.

After making a move, a player can propose a draw: his opponent can accept the proposal (in which case the game ends and is a draw) or refuse the proposal (in which case the game continues).

Repetition of moves

If the same position with the same player to move is repeated three times in the game, the player to move can claim a draw. (When the right to make a certain castling move is lost by one of the players between positions, then the positions are considered to be different. For the fine points of this rule, see the official rules of chess.)

50 moves rules

If there are have been 50 consecutive moves of white and of black without

then a player can claim a draw. For the fine points of this rule, see the official rules of chess.

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