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Meet the Furlrurlbakking!

The Furlrurlbakking, or frlRrlbK for short (?), is a piece that moves and captures with the forward and sideways half of the Rook's powers or the sideways and rear parts of the King's powers.

Here is a complete example of its power: from e4, a White Furlrurlbakking can go to f3, e3, d3, or

This piece is as strong as a FIDE Rook, or at most a tiny tiny bit weaker or stronger. The retreating move of the Rook contributes such a small percentage of the Rook's value that it is hard to make a mistake when designing a piece such as this!

Here is a composed position: White has King h1, frlRrlbK on b7; Black has King h8 and Pawn a5. White to play can still draw by checking with the frlRrlbK on b8, then a7 and a8:

Here is another one: White has frlRrlbK on f7, Black has Kh8 and Pawn h7; White plays (frlRrlbK)f7-f8 mate.

Okay, so these are not great endgame studies, but they *are* original!

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