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Chess with Different Teams

Under the old rules, Chess was like a sports league with only one team. How sad. How lonely.

Cheer up, though, because things are better now.

Now there are five teams, because four new chess "teams" have been recruited to play in the league along with the old team, the Fabulous FIDEs (the team that Karpov and Kasparov use against each other).

What this means is that, in any game of Chess, instead of the same old setup where White uses the Fabulous FIDE team and Black uses the Fabulous FIDE team, now you can play Chess with different teams, and I do mean Chess.

The game is still Chess, even though the pieces are different. Memorized opening variations change, but the general strategical and tactical ideas are still the same, the *feel* of the game is still the same. It's Chess.

Of course, you can play a game where both sides use the Fabulous FIDEs or both sides use the Nutty Knights, but the real fun is when the White and Black teams are different.

Equally "of course", if you prefer to play Progressive Chess or Avalanche Chess or FischerRandom Chess, you can also use these new teams in those games.

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