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The Chess Variant Pages

Contest: design a chess variant on 41 squares

In October 2000, a contest to design a chess variant on a board with 41 squares started. On this webpage, you find the links to the submitted games, rules of the contest, the winners, etc...

The games

  1. Snark Hunt. By Peter Aronson. Special mention.
  2. Two Pipe Chess. By Doug Chatham.
  3. Trubix. By David Short.
  4. Chess in the Fast Lane. By Francois Tremblay.
  5. Subway Chess. By Francois Tremblay.
  6. Hex Shogi 41. By Fergus Duniho. 4th Place!
  7. Tapestry Chess. By David Howe. 5th Place!
  8. Little Dragon Chess. By Peter Aronson. 2nd Place!!
  9. Chameleon. By Tony Quintanilla.
  10. Family Matters Chess (small). By Tomas Forsman.
  11. Espionage Chess. By Sergej Sirotkin.
  12. Free corners chess. By Sergej Sirotkin. Special mention.
  13. Reenterent chess. By Edward Lovett. Special mention.
  14. Clash of Command. By Peter Stobbe.
  15. Fusion Diamond 41. By Fergus Duniho. Special mention.
  16. Bottleneck Chess. By Köksal Karakus.
  17. Bingo Chess. By Doug Chatham.
  18. Equestrian Chess. By Jason D. Wittman. 3rd Place!
  19. Not a chess variant. By Alexandre Muñiz.
  20. TheBridge41. By Hubert Lamontagne.
  21. Wild Jokers Chess. By Jeff Stroud.
  22. Take Over Chess. By Tony Quintanilla. 1st Place!

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