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This page is written by the game's inventor, Eric Greenwood.

Hans 38 Chess

When playing Hans37 chess, Eric Greenwood designed this variant. He asked Hans Bodlaender, whether he wanted an early birthday gift - Hans said yes, and here the birthday gift was. Early indeed, because Hans was born in April 1960 and the game was sent October 15, 1997.


K, R, B, are as normal chess.
P may not take a double step, promotes to any.
H (Horse) moves as Chess Knight, plus 1 square Horiz. or Vert.
L (Leopard) moves 1 square forward, backward, or diagonally.
W (Wolf) Moves 1 square any except straight back.

Object is to checkmate the king.

Optional rule: moving into the other side's "bulge" w/ your king is a Draw/Win (whichever is preferred).

Written by Eric Greenwood; introduction by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page made: October 29, 1997.