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Master Chess Triple Game

In issue 5 of SchaakMagazine, the periodical of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond (the Dutch chess federation), a chess variant is described.

This variant was invented by 35-years old Rein Keulen from Valkenburg, the Netherlands. The game is played on a board of a very special type:

The game is played by two players. Three chess battles are fought, but players can move pieces from one battle to the next one via the corridors in the middle.

Some years ago, the inventor sold sets for the price of 50 guilders (approximately 25 euro / dollar). My father bought a set, and said it was well done; pieces are rather small (kings are 5.2 centimeters high.) The sets are now sold out. If you want to contact the inventor, you can write to:

Rein Keulen
Casimir Ubaghslaan 2
6301 LP Valkenburg
the Netherlands


The following photo's of a set, bought by my father, were made with a Kodak DC-20 camera, donated to the Chess Variant Pages by David Howe.

You see here the photo's in smaller size. If you click on them, you can view them in somewhat more detail. (Full photo's are around 50K in size.)

Written by Hans Bodlaender. Information based on article from Schaak Magazine, and an email of Rein Keulen.
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