Chess Problems of 1001 Years Ago

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This problem is typical for many mansubat (shatranj problems): White is almost mated: it is easy to see that if black were to move, he can mate white in one move (here: R h6 - h8). However, it is white's turn to play, and white can continue to give check to black, until he mates black.

King e8; General g3; Rook b2; Knight a8, c4; Elephant c1, f1; Pawns b5, c3, c7, d7, g4, h2. (13 pieces)

King f3, Rook g7, h6; Knight b7, c5; Elephant d6; Pawns a5, g6. (8 pieces).

White to play and win.


Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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