Chess Problems of 1001 Years Ago

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Solution: The water wheel.

King g3; General e5; Rook f4, h1; Knight c3, d1; Elephant b1, c1; Pawns a5, b2, c7, d3, f3, h3. (14 pieces)

King g8, General g1; Rook b8; Knight g6, g7; Elephant c4, f8; Pawns b5, e6, f5, g4, h2, h6. (13 pieces).

Black to play and win.

The original diagram was changed in two ways from the original one:


1. ..., N g7 - h5+
2. K g3-g2, N g6-h4+
3. K g2-f1, N h5-g3+
4. K f1-e1, N h4-g2+
5. K e1-d2, N g3-f1+
6. K d2-c2, N g2-e1+
7. K c2-b3, N f1-d2+

Position after 7. ...,N f1- d2+

8. K b3-b4, ... (If white plays Kb3-a3, then Ne1-c2 is mate.)
8. ..., N e1-c2+
9. K b4-c5, N d2-b3+
10. K c5-c6, N c2-b4+
11. K c6-d7, N b3-c5+
12. K d7-e7, N b4-c6+
13. K e7-f6, N c5-d7+
14. K f6-g6, N c6xe5+
15. K g6-h5, N d7-f6+
16. K h5-h4, N e5-g6+
17. K h4-g3, N f6-h5+

Position after 17. ...,N f6-h5+

18. K g3-g2, N g6xf4+
19. K g2-f1, N h5-g3+
20. K f1-e1, N f4-g2+
21. K e1-d2, N g3-f1+
22. K d2-c2, N g2-e1+
23. K c2-b3, N f1-d1+
24. K b3-b4, N e1-c3+ (Again, 23. K b3-a3, N e1-c3 mate.)
25. K b4-c5, N d2-b3+
26. K c5-c6, N c3-b4+
27. K c6-d7, N b3-c5+
28. K d7-e7, N b4-c6+
29. K e7-f6, N c5-d7+
30. K f6-g6, N c6-e5+
31. K g6-h5, N d7-f6+
32. K h5-h4, N e5-g6+
33. K h4-g3, N f6-h5+
34. K g3-g2, N g6-h4+

Position after 34. ...,N g6-h4+

35. K g2-f1, N h5-g3+
36. K f1-e1, N h4xf3 mate.

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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