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Link to: Internet Correspondence Chess Club is an online chess club where you can play correspondence, turn based chess. Each game you play is stored on the server, so you don't need to keep track of your moves. An email is automatically sent to you whenever one of you opponents moves. You can either play your friends at chess, or select opponents at random.

People must become 'full members' before they can play unlimited games - 'standard members' (free membership) can play up to ten simultaneous games, although this may be reduced in the future.

Chess Variants

As well as being able to play standard chess, it is possible to play Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) on - 'Upside Down', 'Atomic', 'Crazyhouse', 'Kriegspiel' and 'Suicide' chess are also available.

We have invented a couple of new variants - firstly we have a game called 'Full House' which involves two complete sets of standard pieces - the board layout starts as standard chess but the first fifteen moves involve players taking it in turn to place their extra pieces on the board (except kings) - at this point there are only two free squares! - then the game proceeds as standard chess. Full House was invented by "surfnsuds".

We have also started a variant that we call 'Double Fischer Random' in which black and white each start with *different* FR positions (similar to Transcendental Chess, except that FR style castling is allowed).

We've also been experimenting with combining varinants - 'Dark Suicide Chess' and 'Dark CrazyHouse' are two of our most outrageous creations! Internet Correspondence Chess Club:

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