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UTF Conversion Page

This is a page that we can use for documenting and discussing any issues relating to our conversion from character encoding ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.


Here's a list of item IDs that were using non-standard ASCII characters that I updated:

I will work on updating existing scripts to use Fergus' normalization code so that this problem is avoided in the future.

The above was in reaction to a comment posted by Fergus Duniho:

ATTN David Howe:

I have come to a stumbling block in my efforts to convert the site from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. This page uses a non-ASCII character in its itemid, and it is recognized only by ISO-8859-1, not by UTF-8. Links for this page work when the character encoding is set to ISO-8859-1, but they do not work when it is set to UTF-8. Can you do something about this? Perhaps run a script to normalize itemids? I have avoided similar problems with Game Courier, because it has routinely normalized file names by converting non-ASCII characters to their nearest ASCII equivalents. The function I have used for this can presently be found on line 70 of play.php. In case I edit the file, it uses the strtr function, and I have added utf8_decode only recently to deal with UTF-8 non-ASCII characters.

Apparently, I cannot even properly post a comment for this page, because its itemid has a non-ASCII character in it. The page in question is As the link appears here, you have to switch your character encoding to ISO-8859-1 before you can follow the link.

I (David Howe) have updated the member submission code so that the generated itemid handles non-ascii characters. For an example, see my test page.

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By David Howe.
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