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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-07-06 UTC

As the owner of the site, I have access to the data Google Search Console provides on this site, making me the one best qualified to follow up on it. I currently have my hands full going through a long list of URL errors for the site. The easiest to handle are 404 errors caused by the site going down for a while. In these cases, I just have to confirm that the page exists and mark it as fixed. But sometimes I have to restore a lost page, change links to a page, or set up a redirect to a page. While I'm busy with this, I'm hoping other editors can handle the submissions to the site.

In handling these, here are some guidelines to follow.

  • DO correct spelling and grammar.
  • DO edit link text to clearly indicate where the link is going. Avoid link text like "Click here" or "this". Use descriptive link text like the name of a game, a person, or a website.
  • DO NOT correct pronouns by making masculine pronouns more gender-inclusive.
  • MAKE SURE that any descriptions of games provide clearly and completely all the information anyone needs to play or program the game. Before approving a submission, ask the author any questions about anything you need clarified, and make sure the rule descriptions are not ambiguous or incomplete in any way.
  • REQUIRE diagrams for any game that does not use exactly the same setup as Chess.
  • PROVIDE Piececlopedia links where appropriate.

Michael Jameson wrote on 2011-08-21 UTCAverage ★★★
Are there any other chess variant newsletters like Variant Chess news - see ?

peter hodgkinson wrote on 2009-11-17 UTC
At the age of 75 I am a novice trying to keep my memory going and had to
find a set of chess and a board.  On one of my visits to a Spanish market I
found a set in wooden box the pieces of which are unusual. I am curious to
know if they are common or not.

In  general terms the pieces are representative of the Persion Empire and
the Moors.  Each piece appears to be hand painted and in very fine detail.

Pawns of course are representative of each army. The kings and queens again
the same each in costume and highly detailed even under a glass. and full
colour.  The Rooks fitting for the religen and again is intricate detail
with arabic lettering around tghe base and a date 2004 along with a name
but the name is like normal hand writing and difficult to read. 

The detail is amazing- eg. the face of the king is only 5mm across and 8cm
tall, but it is lifelike. The clothing, jewelery, skin, etc almost flawless
even under strong magnification.  The Bishop clothed in irmine in white,
red and blue. The Knights are on horseback with the horse rearing detail
amazing. All have the arabic around the base and one set is dark around the
base and the other a lighter colour otherwise all pieces are in true
colours for the period.  

Really curious, anyone I show these too are unable to give any idea where
they come from.  Have you any idea. ??  
Kind regards     Peter Hodgkinson  [email protected]

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