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Unionchach, Sachsenschach, and Leapale. Some 3D Chess variants. (6x6x6, Cells: 216) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-05-22 UTC
Hi, Charles, I think I would like to try my hand (one day or soon) at designing presets for these variants but I need more information about the different types of pawns on Unionschach and I want to know where the new pieces go on Sachsenschach and Leapale. Do you think you could give me this information?

Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-05-23 UTC
The definitions of these games is fairly open-ended. I can think of a few
examples if that would help.
	The front rank could have all three kinds of forward radial represented
by a noncapturing and capturing move. The cycle Pawn (orthog/diag),
(diag/triag), Lowlander (triag/orthog) fits this bill as does Yeoman
(diag/orthog), Broker (orthog/triag), Highlander (triag/diag).
	For the fill-in leapers of Sachsenschach one option would be Knights
(2:1:0) on the top level, Sextons (2:1:1) above the Bishops, Ninjas
(2:2:1) below the Bishops, and Camels (3:1:0) on the bottom level. This
would give a neat distribution of bound/unbound and biaxial/triaxial
pieces. I would be interested to know whether it would be helpful to add
this array as an example on the page. A similar combination but with
longer leaps would be Zebras (3:2:0) on the top level, Fortnights (3:2:1)
above the Bishops, Fencers (3:2:2) below the Bishops, and Legionaries
(3:3:2) on the bottom level.
	Leapale is an opportunity to go really wild. Following similar lines to
the previuos paragraph you could have an Elf at each corner with
Camel-Knight-Knight-Camel across the top and bottom and
Sexton-Ninja-Ninja-Sexton down the sides.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-11-12 UTC
I have noticed a couple of errors in the array diagrams on this update. The row in Sachsenschach with a final blank should not have it, those in Sachsenschach and Leapale with seven consecutive non-blanks should not have the seventh of them.

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