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3D-Schach: Chessmic

Several manufacturers offer three dimensional chess games, but unfortunately these are usually expensive. 3D-Schach, or Chessmic, is one of such games, manufactured by a German company.

The game itself, invented by M. Haberkorn in 1995, has a strong resemblance to one of the first three-dimensional chess variants, the predecessor of Raumschach, invented by Dr Ferdinand Maack (also from Germany); notable differences are for instance the number of pawns (still 8 per player in Haberkorn's game), and the movement of the queen (which can go to 26 different directions).

My only information on this game is a brochure (in German), send to me by David Pritchard. Those interested in more information should try to write to the address given in the brochure:

Vertrieb: M. Haberkorn
Weissdornweg 14174
72076 Tubingen

Prices (dated Autumn 1996, including Sales Tax, but excluding delivery costs) were:

  1. Chessmic 2000: DM 895 (in color); DM 795 (transparent - silvergrey)
  2. Chessmic 3000: DM 449 (with color DM 498)
  3. Chesswood 1: DM 149 (with pincet: DM 178)
  4. Superchessmic A: DM 3200 (with color DM 3500)

It was not clear to me whether the chesswood set gives the same game or is in fact a different game. Games have delivery times between three weeks and two months.

Written by: Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: January 6, 1997.