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This page is written by the game's inventor, Robert Mate Jr..

Duggan's Fantasy Chess - variant

Robert J. Jr. Mate suggested the following variant of Duggan's Fantasy Chess, which should `make the game more playable'.


Adept can cast spell only at the beginning of your turn and in addition, adept or any other piece may be moved in same turn. You still cannot cast a spell on two consecutive turns.


You can only declare this on a turn immediately following an opponent's turn in which he took a piece of yours (exploding golems, mana bolt, & berserking itself included).

Ending the game

At anytime, if 10 moves go by without any piece being taken, game is drawn. Otherwise, the magic number is 4! If only 4 pieces remain on the board (2 for each player) the one to move his pieces to opposite corners wins (the place where opposite color golem where at start. If this is impossible for both sides, draw If both players have only 1 piece, draw if one player has 1, and the other one more than 1, one with more pieces wins, even if he can't make it to corners (possible with golem moves & berserking.)

And, of course if all opposing pieces are gone, you win too!

Written by Robert J. Jr. Mate. Edited by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: October 13, 1997. Last modified: October 15, 1997.