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This page is written by the game's inventor, Robert Bell.

Chess Cubic

Chess Cubic is the next generation on from Cube Chess where all six sides (4×4) of the cube are used as the rotating magnetic board instead of just four connecting sides alone. Using all six sides allows for a greater range of movement and a more challenging game. The four connecting sides of Cube Chess are still there but with the other two sides of the cube included. These two sides are the extended playing areas. The positions of pieces are somewhat similar to Cube Chess with a few changes. The Kings, Queens and Bishops are on the central squares surrounded by their own pieces to prevent instant checking and taking of pieces. Positioned from left to right are the Rooks back to back then the King and Queen back to back, next are the Bishops and then the Knights on the first rows of two connecting sides. The same halving of each set of pawns of Cube Chess with contrasting head color are in Chess Cubic and positioned the same way on the second rows. This modification of half of each set of pawns is to keep each set of four pawns within their own half of the board and so as to distinguish between the other half of one’s pawns. The rows where all pieces are except for pawns are marked with indicators where pawns cannot move beyond and where they can retrieve taken pieces. The white side has white indicators and the black side black indicators. Pawns move the same way as orthodox chess one square forward with the option of two on the first move.

For more information on this game, contact the inventor, Robert Bell.

Written by Robert Bell.
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