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The Chess Variant Pages

Play Grand Cavalier Chess with Jocly

Grand Cavalier Chess, created by Fergus Duniho, is played exactly like Chess except with mostly different pieces on a larger board. From left to right in first rank of the opening position, the Marshall moves as a Rook or Knight, the Nightrider can make successive Knight leaps in the same direction until it reaches an occupied space, the Paladin moves as a Bishop or Knight, the Queen moves as a Rook or a Bishop, and, taking the place of the King, the Eques Rex moves as a Knight or a King, and it is the object of the game to checkmate it. Cannons, which start on the second rank, move as Chinese Chess Cannons, moving as Rooks without capturing or hopping over a single intervening piece, still in a Rookwise direction, to capture a piece. Cavaliers, which start in the third rank, move as Chinese Chess Knights, moving one space orthogonally, followed by one space diagonally outward. When it isn't blocked, it can reach the same spaces as a Knight, but unlike a Knight, it can be blocked on its orthogonal step. Upon reaching the last rank, it can promote to any captured piece (excluding Cavaliers and pieces returned to the board through promotion). When there is no captured piece to promote to, it may not advance to the last rank, but it may still check the Eques Rex on the last rank.