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Policy on advertisements

In order to pay the costs of running the site, and to obtain some money for prizes of contests etc., the web site carries some advertisements.

What we look for

Preferably (both for you as for us), advertisements have some connection to chess variants, chess, board games, or other games. We can place banners at the top of some pages, either fixed (a specific page always shows your banner), or rotating with other banners. We also may have clearly distinguishable text advertisements with link to an advertisers website. Interested advertisers can contact David Howe:
There is also a second form of advertisement: general sponsorship, see below.

Acceptable advertisements

The graphic to place on the web page, and the web page that an advertisement links to should be acceptable: it should be suitable for children to view, not contain racism, occultism, or any suppression of minorities, etc. As a rule, when the content would be rated with the rules of RSAC, then it should get ratings: n0, s0, l0 or l1, v0 or v1.

When the contents of a web site change during the time we carry an advertisement such that it becomes unsuitable to link to, we can remove the advertisement without prior notice, giving a pro-ratio refund when this would be larger than 9 dollars.

Costs of advertising

We ask a flat rate of $5 for every 1000 imprints of a banner on top of a webpage, e.g. $25 for 5000 imprints, of $100 for 20000 imprints. You can negotiate this with David Howe.

We also could change imprints to goods, e.g., a distributor of a chess variant game gives us a game (e.g., to use as a prize) and we carry his banner on the site for some time.

Clients may use the PayPal system to send us payments. It's fast, easy and convenient. You can use a credit card. Click the banner below for more information:

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and 

General sponsorship

We are looking for a sponsor that sponsors the website general costs - hosting, the cost of the domain name, and some additional costs. At the moment, we hope to find a sponsor willing to pay $45 per month. In return, the logo of the sponsor is displayed on the bottom of almost every page of the site. (The exceptions are the pages that were made by Ralph Betza and are mirrored on the site.)

There are many page views of this website: see our overview on the number of hits this website currently receives; for $45 dollars per month, the logo is displayed a large number of times (e.g., in december 1999, there were over 80.000 page views; this amount again almost doubled in the year 2000.)

We currently have sponsorship at least till the end of 2000, and are looking for sponsorship for 2001.


If you are interested in advertising, or if you are a reader and want to comment on this policy, then please email us.

For advertising, contact David Howe at

For comments, send them to the general email address:
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Written by Hans Bodlaender.