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Pocket Polypiece Chess 43. Game with off-board pocket where all pieces of a type change when one piece of a type is moved normally. (7x6, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Antoine Fourrière wrote on Thu, Feb 12, 2004 03:00 PM UTC:
Two remarks.
1. It seems White can swallow a Pawn by opening 1.d3 and following with a
Bishop attack on a5 or g5. To prevent that outcome, I wish to give Black
the choice of the initial -- common -- state of the polypieces. (Falcons
or Windmills, Knights or Alibabas, and Bishops or Rooks.) Thus Black can
protect his outer Pawns by choosing Rooks. 
2. George Duke suggested that the game was worth at least 64 squares. I
agree. (Takeover Chess is clearly more enjoyable on 64 squares than it is
on 41.) Hence the idea of a fourth polypiece on a 73-square board (a 9x8
rectangle, which would be a 72-zone or Arena, and the Pocket).
Since it may be a bit too easy to guard polypieces with Pawns, I am
thinking of a baroque polypiece capturing with a strictly limited move, a
Leaper/Withdrawer. The Leaper would move neutrally as a Queen, but would
capture as the Overcaller in Achernar. The Withdrawer would also move
neutrally as a Queen, but would capture by withdrawing only one square
from its victim. (Of course, their Arena moves would turn non-Pocket
Leapers into Withdrawers and non-Pocket Withdrawers into Leapers.)