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Man and Beast 21: Lords High Everything-Else. Systematic naming of pieces that do not fit in any of the other articles.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Tue, Jan 3, 2012 04:45 PM UTC:
Leaving the piece generator Sequential SuperClass aside for the moment, what are some other interesting pieces out of Joyce/Paulowich bent-stem Daisies order 3? Add Wazir leg and the Daisy loses colourboundness. (W + DaDaoDay) reaches up to 16 squares no longer colourbound. Its counterpart (W + AlAldAly also has 16 arrival squares and, while not at all colourswitching like Knight, is no longer colourbound either. So the two compounds above parenthesized each on own reach every square on rectangular boards over 8x10. At root they are some counterparts really to original Bent Hero and Bent Shaman, M&B. Inspiration for the Daisy class, Bent Hero and Shaman each reach 20 squares, covering 40 of the 48 surrounding central departure square of a 7x7 -- excluding just the Zebran eight. Next, how could inventive Joyce's War Machine order 7, made out of these all Daisy chains, stack up with problemist Conway's Angels n=15?