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Chess 2 - The Sequel (or Sirlin's Chess)

(An alternative, brief presentation of the rules of this game is available on this site by following this link.)

Chess 2 is an elaborate chess variant, invented by David Sirlin from Sirlin Games. Sirlin Games. In this variant, the rules of chess are changed in a number of ways: For the precise rules, you can download the rulebook from the downloads section from the website of Sirlin games. At the moment of writing this, downloading the rulebook of Chess 2 was free of charge.

To download the rules, go to, add it to your shopping bag, and buy it for 0 dollars (i.e., for free).


Game was invented by David Sirlin. Webpage made by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: January 17, 2011. Last modified on: January 21, 2011.