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Chaotenschach was played at Fachschaft Physik, Mainz University, in the 1980s. The rules are the standard FIDE rules with the following changes:

Start of the game

A usual chess board is bisected into two halves. Behind a screen the players put their armies on the board at their will. No piece may threaten the other half board. Pawns on the first rank are legal, two bishops of the same colour are legal, too. Multiple pawns in the same file are legal.


The moves are standard with the following additions:

Pawns have the possibility of double or triple steps inside their own half. Capturing en passant is possible.

Castling is allowed if the king's starting place is either d1 or e1 (or d8 or d8 for black respectively) and the rook's starting place is in the corner.

A possible starting setup is e.g.:

Written by Jörg Knappen. Diagram Hans Bodlaender.
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