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A sample game of Way of the Knight

Below, a sample game of Way of the Knight, sent by Sam Trenholme, using the handicap system.

White: Victor
Black: Sam

Handicap level 1

e2/WfD (handicap move)

1. d4 d5
2. Bf4 Nf6
3. f3? Nc6
4. WfDe4 dxe4/WfD
5. fxe4/WfD Nxe4/NW

It would have been better for White not to start the exchange; in WOTN exchanges almost always leave the person initiating the exchange at a disadvantage, as it did here.

6. g3 NWxd4
7. Ne2?? NWf3#

Written by Sam Trenholme.
WWW page created: March 22, 2002.