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2003 Multivariant PBEM Tournament

Headquarters Page

Final Crosstable

  Aronson Howe Lawson Nelson Quintanilla Score
Peter Aronson xxxxx 0-E 0-D 1-R 0-G 1-X 0-C 2.0/6
Mike Howe 1-E 1-D xxxxx 0.5-O 1-C 1-H 1-R 5.5/6
John Lawson 0-R 1-G 0.5-O xxxxx 1-D 0-L 1-X 3.5/6
Mike Nelson 0-X 0-C 0-D 1-L xxxxx 0-E 1-G 2.0/6
Tony Quintanilla 1-C 0-H 0-R 0-X 1-E 0-G xxxxx 2.0/6

Games: Cavalier, Different Armies, Extinction, Grand, Hostage, Longer Board, Omega, Rococo, Ximeracak.

Thank you for your input in the poll to select the games for this tournament. A total of 63 votes were received. We had a statistical dead heat for the final game, and after consideration both tied games were added. The rules have been tweaked so a player may decline three games instead of two.

General regulations:

The 2003 Multivariant PBEM Tournament of the Chess Variant Pages shall be open to chess players of the world. An entry fee of 5.00 US Dollars is required. We use PayPal to collect online payments securely; just click on the button below when your credit or debit card is handy.

You may instead pay by check (payable to David Howe):

   The Chess Variant Pages
   P.O. Box 10277
   Rochester, NY 14610

Entries open on November 15, 2002, and must be received not later than January 15, 2003.

No player may enter this tournament more than once.

The Tournament Director is Glenn Overby II. His address is on the feedback page. His rulings on all tournament matters are final.

Confirmed entrants so far:

  1. Mike Nelson
  2. Tony Quintanilla
  3. John Lawson
  4. Peter Aronson
  5. Michael Howe

This list will be updated periodically throughout the entry period.

Games to be played:

Each participant will play games from the following list of nine chess variants. At the time of entry, each entrant may specify up to three listed games which they decline to play. These requests will be honored unconditionally in the pairings.

Each player will play six matches, against six different opponents, using at least five different games. Every effort will be made to pair each player for six different games.

The games to be played are:

Cavalier Chess
Chess on a Longer Board with a few Pieces Added
Chess With Different Armies
Extinction Chess
Grand Chess
Hostage Chess
Omega Chess

In Chess With Different Armies, upon notice of pairings Black will notify both White and the Tournament Director of which listed army

they choose to play. White will then respond with his army selection and first move. The players must play different armies.

Pairings will be drawn at random, subject to the above. Play is in a single section. Notice of pairings will be sent to all players at least five days before the clock starts. Starting early is fine.

Computer support:

Each entrant is responsible for maintaining their own connection to the Internet, and for keeping all opponents and the Tournament Director informed at all times of the electronic mail address they are using for the tournament.

A compilation file of all games used in the tournament is available for the computer program Zillions of Games.

Download the Zillions compilation

Use of this Zillions of Games script for recording and transmission of moves is suggested but not required. Note that Extinction Chess is part of the base Zillions program and is therefore not in this package.

Time regulations:

  1. The clock starts at noon Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on February 1, 2003.
  2. You must move within five days of receipt of your opponent's most recent move to avoid using time units.
  3. A move requiring 120 hours or more to make costs time units:
  4. 	120:00 to 239:59 (5 to <10 days)....1 unit
    	240:00 to 359:59 (10 to <15 days)...2 units
    	360:00 to 479:59 (15 to <20 days)...3 units
    	480:00 to 599:59 (20 to <25 days)...4 units
    	600:00 to 719:59 (25 to <30 days)...5 units
    	720:00 to 839:59 (30 to <35 days)...6 units
    	840:00 or more......................forfeiture
  5. If you use more than six time units in a game, you forfeit the game.
  6. You should promptly notify your opponent, including a repeat of the move sent, if you do not receive a reply within 10 days of sending your last move. A copy of the repeat shall be sent to the Tournament Director. This notice should be repeated after 20 days, and after 30 days.
  7. If your opponent uses time units for a move, you must confirm the number of time units used for that move with your reply.
  8. If a disagreement arises concerning time units or a time-forfeit, both players are expected to notify the Tournament Director immediately, and comply with his directions.
  9. The Tournament Director may, in extraordinary circumstances, and with or without specific application by the players, add one or more time units to both players' available units in any game.
  10. There is no adjustment of time for holidays, non-business days, or any other similar cause. In worldwide play with the potential representation of many cultures, this is not feasible.


Both players are expected to notify the Tournament Director when a result is achieved, with a score of the match. (Annotations are also encouraged, and a prize is reserved for that purpose.) The Chess Variant Pages reserve the right to publish the score of any match played in the course of this tournament.

One point is awarded per win, and one-half point per draw. The players with the most points from six games place highest.

Cash or cash-equivalent prizes to tied players shall be summed and divided equally. Any prize which cannot by its nature be divided shall use the following standard methods to break ties as required, in the order listed:

In the event of a tie for the championship, all tied players will be named co-champions regardless of the distribution of prizes.

The full list of available prizes will be posted before the start of round one. All entry fees are applied 100% to the prize fund, and The Chess Variant Pages will supplement the fund as it deems appropriate; this supplement is expected to be in the range of $100.

The prize list will include:

Written by Glenn Overby.
WWW page created: August 18, 2002.