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Two books on Kriegspiel

The following information is taken from an email, sent by David Li to me, March 1996 (with some minor editing by me).
David H. Li wrote two books on Kriegspiel. The first one, "Kriegspiel - Chess Under Uncertainty," (144 pages) was published in 1994 to critical acclaim. Following that success, he wrote a companion volume, "Chess Detective - Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames, and Problems," (191 pages), 1995. Both volumes may be purchased from Premier Publishing Company, P O Box 341267, Bethesda MD 20827, USA. Each volume is at £ 12 (or its equivalent in European currency), excluding postage.

To further promote the game, David Li wrote an article, "Kriegspiel," which appeared in the October 1995 issue of Chess Monthly (London). He also published a 12-page 8-1/2 x 11, 3-column journal entitled "Kriegspiel Connoisseur," in August 1995. ( £ 2.50 airpost paid.) It features a Kriegspiel game from Sir Robert Robinson, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry and one-time president of the British Chess Federation; the game is fully annotated. Another Brilliancy game was also annotated, along with endgames and problems, etc.

David Li hopes to host a centennial Kriegspiel tournament in London in 1998. For this purpose he was in London last July to test its feasibility. Details of that visit were included in the "Kriegspiel Connoisseur" referenced above.

Buying the books

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