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38-Tournament -- Amoeba Game 1

The following game was played as part of the 38 Square Challenge Tournament - Round One.

The Game

The game played was Amoeba. As specified in the rules, and unless stated otherwise, the standard variant of the game was played with no special rules in effect.

This game was played with the special rule: Any square in the board (including those with pieces in it) can be moved.

The Players

The players were Joao Neto (playing White) and Jim Aikin (playing Black). The outcome of the game was a win for White.

The Moves

  1. Ned3 (a3->a1)     c5 (c5->c4)
  2. c3   (c4->d4)     d:c3 (c3->c4)
  3. Nf4  (f1->g1)     Ncd5 (d5->c5)
  4. d3   (e5->d5)     b5 (b6->a6)
  5. d:c4 (c4->c3)     d5 (b7->a7)
  6. Ncd3 (g1->g2)     Kd6 (e6->e5)?
  7. N:c5 (d6->e6)+    Kf5 (c5->c4)
  8. N:d5 (d5->d6)+    1-0

  final position:

      r . - - n r .  7
      - . - N - p .  6
      - p . . p k -  5
      - - N - . - -  4
      . - O - - - -  3
      . O - - O O R  2
      - R - K - . .  1

      a b c d e f g

Overall Comments

Joao: I enjoyed this game very much. We played with a rule that we can move any square in the board (including those with pieces in it).

Comments and moves written by the players. Edited by David Howe.
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