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Gridlock. Large, wargame inspired variant. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-07-30 UTC
Great Gridlock, enlarged to 14x14 in cases and generally a 3-dimensional Chess, Paul Leno announces and shows to be entering test implementation on-line. Ride-on pieces are among Gridlock's fortes. Versions designed Fly By Knight Productions are under way having regular updates in capabilities of choices for all types. If I cover more than expected, Paul Leno may just reappear to let us know more the ongoing development of the meta-chess variant Gridlock.

George Duke wrote on 2008-11-26 UTC
30.September.2005 comment carries message from Leno through David Howe, and Leno's follow-up the next day.

George Duke wrote on 2008-07-09 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Paul Leno indicates in Comment three years ago ''We've been playing the game since 1997 when the Ruins was created and soon others will be too.'' I ask again, when using a Thief in the Night, does it transfer the Field of Influence on all levels, or only take pieces out of Medusa's range? And can Tonk's Chamber be pivoted without flanking Crystal? (GHILargeCV)

simone wrote on 2006-02-19 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
This game is extrodinary! I am interested in buying it. Is Strategy First going to produce it as a board or video game? If so when?

Paul Leno wrote on 2005-10-01 UTC
To who ever thinks this game is cursed at least leave your name beside your comment so that I can invite you to play when I'm finished developing the early rounds. I'm back and of single mind. We've been playing the game since 1997 when the Ruins was created and soon others will be too. If anyone out there would like to buy a handmade set, it'll cost you but will be guarenteed to be a Gridlock original and will help me with some of the start up cost.

Anonymous wrote on 2005-09-30 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I have a feeling that this game has been cursed. If it ever comes out in a legible form I will be suppirsed.

David Howe wrote on 2005-09-30 UTC
Message from Paul Leno:

I wanted to let everyone know the developemnt of the series has been delayed due to the death of my 17 year old son in aug. 2004, he was in an automobile accident. He was helping me write the series (we had come up with over seventy different battlefields at that time). His death was a shock to me and those I was working with at Strategy First, we were under the gun for a november 2004 deadline on a third party developent aggreement, I'm sorry for those who were waiting, I couldn't cocentrate, I now plan on developing the games myself and dedicating the series to the memory of my son Philip. I'm looking for programmers and artist as well as a ai program. Christine, your comments attracted my atention please email me at [the email address specified on my information page].

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-07-31 UTC
it is an 'excellent' for the 'elaborate hoax' as well as the name 'gridlock' .. oh and yeah the artwork too i guess.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-07-31 UTC
An 'excellent' for the art inmerse in the description. As game, I don´t know yet.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-07-31 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
you have to love the name .. 'gridlock' lol, what a classic :)

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-07-31 UTC
I know that I've often laughed at my own frustration trying to decipher
the rules of this game. :-)

It does make for an interesting read.

Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-07-31 UTC
i'm sure paul leno is a great bloke
but isn't this all one great big joke? :))

Anonymous wrote on 2005-07-30 UTC
It's been a year and the game still isn't here.
It's quite likely I fear, that the game will never appear.
The disapearence of Fly-by-Knight may mean that this game will never take
As this game appears to involve height, the battles within would have
a sight.

GM Gregory Topov wrote on 2004-12-07 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Sheer brilliance! The mind boggles. Applying warfgaming to chess is a natural progression, why didn't someone think of it earlier? Although in the rules I learned, dismounting a Royal Guard was only allowed in a move following activation of an Armored Pawn (this could just be British rules, mind you). Players who enjoy Gridlock will likely also appreciate <a href=''>Stanley Random Chess</a>, which can be played exclusively at An annotated <a href=''>Exhibition Game</a> gives some idea of the game.

Larry Smith wrote on 2004-05-26 UTC

Please feel free to send me anything about this game.  I am truly

But I must re-iterate that these pages do not do the game justice.

Paul Leno wrote on 2004-05-26 UTC
It's 3-D chess pure and simple, kids catch on instantly and come back for more every time. Stategy Furst has cued the game for later this year. We are also putting out a board game version this summer. When the vidio game comes out it will have a holographic training mode, this will show possible moves for a piece and the projection of the fields. No hoax, Over 70 levels and terrains so far in which to do battle. This attatchment is the levels in the first portal. Be a little nicer and I'll give you a small write up on each of the levels.Plus I'll teach you an email version of the game called Paper Cuts Interested?

Larry Smith wrote on 2004-03-22 UTC
A hoax?  I'd like to hear Leno's comment on that.  If this is truly the
case, it is one of the most intricate.

And if something is not comprehended how can it ever be played?  How do
either of the players know if an action is legal.  They could resort to
flicking pieces across the table at each other.

George Duke wrote on 2004-03-22 UTC
Re reference to Gridlock under Game Design: Gridlock is a clever hoax, not intended to be comprehensible only played

George Duke wrote on 2004-02-25 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
When using 'a Thief in the Knight', does it transfer the Field of Influence on all levels, or only take pieces out of Medusa's range? Is Armour pushed through Wall or Jump Gate? Thirdly, can Tonk's Chamber be pivoted without flanking Crystal?

Moisés Solé wrote on 2004-02-25 UTC
Larry Smith read my mind... Seems too complicated. ASCII diagrams maybe?

Larry Smith wrote on 2004-02-25 UTC
I'm sure that the game might be interesting.  But I gave up reading after
the first page.

There is probably a more concise way to impart the directions for this
game.  The instructions, although colorful, were a little convoluted.  The
graphics, although attractive, contain excessive amount of material which
did not add to the move description but actually confused.

I will download each of these pages and peruse them at my convenience. 
But I anticipate a rather long slog through these instructions.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2004-02-25 UTCGood ★★★★
Impressive and original. I can't claim to have absorbed all the rules and permutations, but it certainly sounds neat.

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