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Alfaerie Expansion Set 4

Welcome to expansion set 4! You are seeing this set due mostly to the efforts of Christine, who has been very busy creating new pieces, and whose enthusiasm never seems to wane. Here she has created and collected a nice set of alternate and combination pieces, as well as some very (shall we say novel?) novel creations. I have done what I can to get this page up, but I fear I am trying to hit a moving target, and tomorrow there will be more. But never fear, expansion set 5 will inevitably follow! So, enjoy these new pieces, and many warm thanks to Christine, Tucker, Peter, Joe, Peter, Adrian, and Larry. Credits are at the bottom of the page.

Download the expansion set in a single .zip file:


Archer 2

Archer 3


Camel Ferz

Camel Wazir

Camel Ferz 2

Camel Wazir 2

Camel-Rider Bishop

Camel Rook

Camel Queen

Elephant Ferz

Elephant Ferz 2

Elephant ZZ 2

Elephant ZZ 3

Elephant ZZ 4

Elephant ZZ 5

High Priestess

Elephant Moon

Elephant Star



Giraffe Ferz

Giraffe Wazir

Giraffe Rider

Giraffe ZZ 2

Giraffe Star


Knightlight 1

Knightlight 2

Knightlight 3

Knightlight 4


Horse ZZ 2

Horse ZZ 3

Horse ZZ 4

Horse Moon

Horse Star

Knight Star


Bishop Warmachine Rider

Elephant Warmachine Rider

Elephant Warmachine Wazir

Knight Warmachine

Knight Warmachine Wazir

Lightning Warmachine

Warmachine Ferz-rider

Jumping General

Warmachine Star

Zigzag General



Sliding General

Slip Queen



Three-headed Monster

Chancellor Wazir

Cardinal Ferz

Flexible Knight

Twisted Knight


Copper General

Grasshopper Star

Rhino 2

Royal Pawn

Zebra Moon


Jumping General 2

Sliding General 2

Zigzag General 2

GraphicCreated by
Frog Tucker Kao
Copper General Peter Aronson
Templar Adrian Alvarez de la Campa
Elephant Warmachine-rider Larry Wheeler
Jumping General High Priestess, Knight Warmachine Wazir, Knight Warmachine, Zigzag General, Lightning Warmachine, Oliphant, Flexible Knight, Twisted Knight, Sliding General Joe Joyce and Peter Joyce
All others Christine Bagley-Jones

Compiled by David Howe. Graphics created by Christine Bagley-Jones, Joe Joyce and Peter Joyce, Tucker Kao, Peter Aronson, Adrian Alvarez de la Campa, and Larry Wheeler.
WWW page created: July 12, 2006.