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Take-All Chess and Progressive Take-All Chess

Take-All Chess is a very natural variant. It can be easily described as Checkers played with the Chessmen (thus, it may be thought as a Checkers Variant as well!).


The rules of normal chess apply, with the following exceptions:


Sample Games Progressive Take-All Chess

Sala-Brusca (Aise Championship VIII)
1. Nf3
2. d5 Bg4
3. Ng5 N:f7 N:d8
4. K:d8 B:e2 B:d1 B:c2
5. Ba6 B:b7 B:a8 Na3 N:c2
6. c5 c4 c3 c:b2 b:c1Q Q:a1
7. N:a1 Kd1 Re1 R:e7 R:g7 R:h7 R:h8
8. B:g7 B:h8 B:a1 Bd4 B:f2 Bg3 B:h2 Bg3
9. Resigns (0-1)

Scovero-Buccoliero (AISE Championship IX)
1. c3
2. c5 Nc6
3. a4 a5 a6
4. Qa5 Q:a1 b5 c4
5. Qb3 Q:b5 Q:c6 Q:c8 Q:a8
6. Q:b1 Q:c1 Q:e1 Q:f1 Q:g2 Q:a8
7. h4 Rh3 Rd3 R:d7 R:a7 R:a8 e4
8. f5 f:e4 e3 e:f2 f:g1Q Qa7 Q:a8 Q:a6
9. d4 d5 d6 d:e7 e:f8Q Q:g7 Q:h8 Qf6 Q:a6
10. Kd7 Kc7 Kb7 K:a6 Kb5 Kb4 K:c3 K:b2 Nf6 h5 draw.

Text by Andrea Mori (email removed contact us for address) and Alessandro Castelli (email removed contact us for address), with small modifications by Hans Bodlaender.
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