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Fifty-fifty chess

Chessclub `Promotie' (`Promotion') in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands has for many years each year between Christmas and New Years Eve an `Oliebollen'-tournament. (Oliebollen are a tradition Dutch treat for the end of the year.) In this tournament, several chess variants are played - some existing ones, but also several new ones, just invented for the occasion.

One of such variants, described in a booklet called `Bloemlezing Humorschaak', written by Henk Breugem of SV Promotie, is this variant, called `Fifty-fifty chess'. The variant is probably invented by Henk Breugem or another member of Chessclub `Promotie'.


The rules of orthodox chess are changed in the following way: before one may mate the king of the opponent, one must first have taken at least eight pieces of the opponent. (Pawns also count for pieces.) Chess should be taken care of as usual, even before the opponent has taken eight pieces.

Written by Hans Bodlaender, based on Henk Breughem's booklet.
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