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Person Information

I've been contributing to these pages, on and off, since 2015.

I am a Canadian National Chess Master, residing in Ottawa, Ontario.

I won the 1989 Ontario Closed Chess Championship, and served as 1988-1989 Ontario Chess Association Vice-President. I am a former Chess Federation of Canada Governor.

My interests include board games and Sudoku, war documentaries and following politics, sports, world events and predictions. I'm currently an Unorthodox Christian. My birthday falls on the 15th of November.

Here's a link to My Chess Federation of Canada website Discussion Board blog:

Kevin's blog

29-Dec-2023: Today I've made preliminary Settings Files for my backlog of 28 CV ideas - they can already serve as (unofficial) presets for anyone who visits this CVP Person Information page, and clicks on the link to see my Settings Files (then they are free straight away to explore the whole list of mine).

Here's a list of the names of the (28) CV ideas, to give possible insight:

24x8: (1) Bureau-Spiel

20x8: (1) Hurly-Burly Chess

16x8: (3) Officer-Spiel; Constable-Spiel; Accelerated Constable-Spiel

14x8: (1) Wide-Spiel

12x12: (1) Brawl Chess

12x8: (10) Accelerated Courier-Spiel; Capa-Spiel; Centaur-Spiel; Janus-Spiel; Hurly-Burly-Spiel; Lancer-Spiel; Horse-Wazir-Spiel; Kirin-Spiel; Warmachinewazir-Spiel; Waffle-Spiel

10x10: (2) Grandiose Chess; Hybrid Decimal Chess

10x8: (6) Centaur Princess Chess; Fibnif Lancers Chess; Horse-Wazir Chess; Kirin Chess; Hybrid Chess; Warmachinewazir Chess

8x10: (3) Officer Chess; Constabulary Chess; Accelerated Constabulary Chess.

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