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Simon Edward Jepps
User ID: capricorn7

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Last Logged on 2018-09-24 11:44:29.

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Jeppseirawan Chess is considered his best variant.

svoreign jeppsianI am from the South West of England where I have lived for most of my life, give or take a few years here and there in Italy. I am a Webmaster, pianist and writer. I am author of The Jeppsian Book Of The Living and founder of Wells Chess Club, Somerset's first outdoor club.

Although I have been studying Chess for most of my life, I find the orthodox game doesn't actually last a lifetime for me. I love the classic, no doubt about it, but there are unfortunately a couple of inevitable issues with its hardcore values, which for me send my individual game into a depression. Therefore I have set myself the task to find or write a variant which fulfills that lifetime void, and to cherish for all my days.

I have written a book of my best variants, Four Of Mine, which you will find in the Books section of my website.

Thanks for reading.

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