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The Chess Variant Pages

Fast Chess Contradance

The solitaire chess variant Fast Chess Contradance was invented by Karen Robinson. It is a variant on Chess Contradance; the difference is mainly in the number of pieces. The name was given to it by Hans Bodlaender.


This is a puzzle for one player. The following setup is used:

Queen e1; Bishop f1; Knight g1; Rook h1.

Queen d8; Bishop c8; Knight b8; Rook a8.

The task is to find a series of legal chess moves, alternating white and black moves, such that never any white pieces attacks a black piece and vice versa, and such that at the end of the series, the white and the black pieces have changed positions, i.e., the white queen is at d8; the white bishop at f8, etc.


This puzzle may be a little easier than Chess Contradance; its solutions are at least shorter. If you find a solution, email me, and I will post the shortest solutions found so far here.
Written by Hans Bodlaender, based on email of Karen Robinson. Graphic by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: January 4, 1999.