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Added May 2000
Winning Chess Piece by Piece by Ted Nottingham, Al Lawrence, and Bob Wade.

From the review of this book by Hans Bodlaender: ... a good book for school libraries, a must have book for chess clubs that have a youth group and a library, and it may be a nice gift for young starting but talented chess players, ...

This is a book for children, that already know the rules of chess but want to improve their playing strength. Read the full review.

Added June 2000
Chess for Children by Ted Nottingham, Al Lawrence, and Bob Wade.

Book to learn chess, from the authors of `Winning Chess Piece by Piece'.

Added April 2000
Yasser Seirawan's Playing Winning Chess

From the publishers description:

We've updated the cover of PLAY WINNING CHESS so that the Microsoft Press(r) Winning Chess series has a more cohesive and dynamic look. Play Winning Chess is a sparkling and enthusiastic introduction to chess-the moves, strategies, and philosophy of the game-from International Grand Master Yasser Seirawan and International Master Jeremy Silman. The book teaches the Seirawan method: force, time, space, and pawn structure. To this end, the authors provide clear explanations of the game's fundamentals. Dozens of instructive examples, question-and-answer sections, psychological hints, and sample games teach players to strategize and play aggressively while having fun. This book is exuberant and conversational, enlivened by personal anecdotes and engaging historical details.

Other books in the series:

The Right Way to Play Chess by David B. Pritchard.

Pritchard is to many readers of this website best known for his Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, but to many others he is best known for his other chess books. His books to teach chess have sold millions of copies, and have been for many their prime method to learn the royal game.

Begin Chess by David B. Pritchard and Samuel Reshevsky.

Comprehensive Chess Course : Learn Chess in 12 Lessons by Roman Pelts, Lev Alburt (Contributor), Nigel Eddis (Photographer)

Bruce Pandolfini's Beginning Chess (Fireside Chess Library)

Now even beginners can reap the rewards of Pandolfini's acclaimed teaching system. Over 300 problems, tailored to beginning players, encompass everything a player needs to learn, from the basic rules and vocabulary to the moves of various chessmen to sophisticated strategies. 300 line drawings.

Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess : A Light-Hearted Introduction by F. Donald Bloss and Andrew Kensler.

A book to learn chess for children of all ages. From a review from

... my seven year old grand-daughter became totally absorbed in it and taught her six year old brother to play chess! They abandoned all other games for chess during their entire visit at our house.

The book has its own website: You can also read A review of this book.

Chess for Beginners (Fireside Chess Library) by Israel A. Horowitz and Sol Horowitz. A book to improve your chess play for beginners.

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