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This page is written by the game's inventor, Robert Bell.

Rectangular Cubic Chess

Rectangular Cubic Chess is a 72 square variant where extra eight squares are at the top and base of the board. The board rotates and pieces are the same as orthodox chess. The additional squares at top and base open up the board and allow for potentially infinite movement in almost any direction. The image on the left with knights and rooks shows the reverse side to the image on the right. All pieces move the same as orthodox chess with adaptations to the board.

These images above demonstrate movement of knights and bishops. Unlimited movement for bishops if unimpeded by other pieces.

To the left shows how diagonal movement on the top four squares (applies to the bottom four as well) is limited to that side of the board one square diagonally.

On the left shows how the rook can move around the board forward, backward and across. Queen can move forward, backward, across and diagonally. Pawns move the same as orthodox one square forward or two forward on the first move and one square diagonally forward to take including diagonally to another side. Pawns also retrieve taken pieces upon reaching the opponents side of the board.

Written by Robert Bell.